Keep Your Kids Warm and Dry With Child Waterproof Mitts

If you’re looking to keep little hands warm and dry while they play outside, it’s important to find the right child waterproof mitts. They’re a must-have piece of gear for any winter adventure, and will help protect your kids from the elements while they get their energy out.

Mittens vs Gloves

The main difference between mittens and gloves is the way they’re designed to fit your fingers. Mittens have fabric around each finger and thumb, whereas gloves are made of a single piece of material that fits all four fingers together. This design means that your fingers generate more heat when they’re grouped together than when they are individually, which is why mittens are warmer than gloves.

Mittens also have a cuff that wraps around your wrist, while gloves typically don’t have cuffs that cover the whole hand. If you’re buying a pair of mittens for your kid, make sure to get ones that are sized appropriately for them, and that have an easy-on and off design, so they don’t take forever to put on and stay on.

Thumbless toddler mittens are great for babies and toddlers, as they don’t have a thumb hole to worry about getting stuck in, but these gloves can be difficult to get on when your kids are still developing their fine motor skills. They’re long enough to fit over bulky coat sleeves, and the adjustable toggles make it a snap to tighten them for extra protection from snow, while keeping your kid’s hands safe and warm at all times.

Waterproof mittens for kids are essential, and these insulated gloves rain mitts from Muddy Puddles are perfect for a cold winter day in the mountains or at the zoo! They’re fully waterproof (10,000mm) so they’ll help prevent water from coming inside and freezing your kid’s hands, while the soft fleece lining will keep them warm.

They come in a variety of colors and designs, and are machine-washable. They’re also made of non-toxic, vegan materials so you can feel good about the product that’s on your kids’ hands while they play outdoors.

A fantastic choice for snowshoeing and Nordic skiing, these waterproof ski mittens for kids are comfortable and durable. They’re packed full of features, including a long cuff that keeps your kid’s hands warmer and dryer than most other kids ski mittens.

The cuffs are also adjustable and they have loops so you can hang them up, so they’re a great option for winter activities where your kid might get cold easily.

These waterproof gloves are super warm, with a Primaloft insulating layer inside and a stretchy fleece lining that helps to keep their hands toasty while they play outdoors. They’re available in different sizes to suit different age groups, and you can add a sock liner for additional warmth.

Another great waterproof mitten option, these Stonz mittens are super easy to put on, and they’re great for kids who don’t have fine motor skills yet. They have an adjustable toggle on the wrist and a cinch at the base of the mitten, so they can be adjusted to fit your kid’s hand size and shape.

Keep Your Kids Warm and Dry With Child Waterproof Mitts